i believe in echoes

Audain Gallery - taisha paggett: i believe in echoes

This installation for i believe in echoes was formed in collaboration with taisha paggett. The installation was developed through working conversations about the body as impacted by notions of land and geography, recent and geological time, and potentials and limits of making space. The work considers paggett’s conception of the “meadow,” a phenomenological and speculative geography that supports physical and psychic embodiment in the out-of-doors. It is an ecosystem of consciousness in which fugitive bodies query the historical delineation of inside-outside, and the social hierarchies that determine access and restriction.

The installation was created as echoes between land and body: a mountainous mound being, a volcanic lava flow, a continuous stream of light and shadow, sound as a mode of navigation and environment, and the potential of consciousness in non-living forms. The physical construction of the space considers the potentials of materiality and forming in relation to place and space making as rooted in movement-based practices. Each person who enters the work becomes a participant in structures of their own experience including place-ment and locate-ing. This space is active and contemplative, taking on the potentials and risks of place making in relation to queer, feminist, and black theoretical constructs within performance and visual art.








Audain Gallery - taisha paggett: i believe in echoes
















The following images are from i believe in echoes, taisha paggett opening performance documentation.

There was an additional artist talk/performance I have no documentation for that was between Toronto-based poet, dancer and choreographer Aisha Sasha John and taisha paggett that was situated within the installation space.







Audain Gallery - taisha paggett: i believe in echoes

Audain Gallery Exhibition Information

Curated by Amy Kazymerchyk at Audain Gallery, at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. This work is co-presented by SFU Galleries and Western Front. The exhibition and related public programming were supported by SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts’ Audain Visual Artist in Residence program and Canada Council for the Arts.

Performance Choreographed and performed by taisha paggett

image credit: Blaine Campbell