place where, before, In A In


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performance and publication in collaboration with Bacabaya

place where, before, In A In is an installation and performance rooted in potentials of the still life: fruit, products and waste, leftovers, queer shapes and sounds situated in relationship to the ownership of materials and land. Visual boundaries, such as fences and buildings, create divides in experience that often impact people’s sense of belonging, commonality, place, and behavior within shared geographies. These forms of still life that overlap between the American exotic and mundane provide an alternate experience with materials that are understood in limited ways through use and consumption.

Do we dream in the same light?

A video of the moon viewed behind a window screen captures the anonymity of a viewer and traces of a domestic space. The sense of a missing individual behind the camera points to an interior life determined by constraints from the architecture of a home. A still life. This is a distancing of the personal—not drained of meaning but infused with a relative isolation by the effects of physical, social, and psychological spatial divisions. A still life provides an experience of place where the coherence of social hierarchies can be clarified and expanded, a challenge to the cultural desire of freedom and individuation, and a look into disempowering forces of isolation.

Curated by Ben Tippin

Torrance Art Museum

January 19 – March 9th, 2019  (all shut down)

Image credit: Christopher Wormald