where is this place, i pinch myself


I split the world open. I don’t know how long.

The installation/exhibition space was scored in a continuous line with the edge of crow bar in a complete vertical circumference in the exhibition space. The split started on the floor, up a wall of the exhibition space, behind that wall where I scaled down a 12-foot drop with rope and back up again, across a 16-foot ceiling where I had to negotiate pipes, a ventilation system, and climb up part of the physical installation, and back down to the floor. I built temporary platforms to reach difficult to reach parts of the ceiling and walls. When the circumference was scored/split, I marked myself, splitting myself with a black line in a circumference around my body.

A white powder was continuously applied to my face, body and clothes throughout the performance. It was intended as a material that would create a physical barrier between my body and the space surrounding it. This performance was an hour and a half.

7_Zumpfe where is this place i pinch myself performance.jpg



Kim_Zumpfe_6_2_2018_4 copy


This performance was part of the programming of the exhibition outside the length of a room | OR | diving into the blue sun at CSUF Grand Central Art Center
Performance Image Credit: Lainey LaRosa