us in precarity; words against reason


us in precarity; words against reason was developed in collaboration with Meital Yaniv as a performance/experimental workshop constructed to address and foster counter strategies in writing and using words, particularly in relation to the idea of precarity. Writing was addressed as a space of working together and as a shared time for dealing with how power works in emotional lives. This workshop included a group discussion about how to find alternate forms and practices in writing, a free-writing session, a walk in the city, and a group reading exercise that included finding ways to keep each other from falling when on precarious foundations. A final group activity was structured around the question, “What should we do next?”






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11 us in precarity_2


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14 us in precarity_3


us in precarity; words against reason was supported by Deep Time University (DTU), a project by artist Michael Ano, created as an alternative learning platform to engage with the questions: “What should the University teach you? What do you want to learn? And, what do you need to know now to survive? DTU: Intersession was a series of ten weekly seminars exploring: occupying space, coping with trauma, and sustainable practices addressed from the perspective of ongoing research and production including: lectures, screenings, and conversations in the Museum’s galleries and spaces throughout downtown.

Deep Time University was organized in collaboration with The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and has been developed in dialogue with UC San Diego students, campus resource centers, and faculty. This program was supported by MCASD’s Millennial Engagement initiative, supported by an Exploring Engagement grant awarded by the Irvine Foundation. Additional support was received from the UC San Diego Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program; Institute of Arts and Humanities, Sixth College, and the Visual Arts Department.

Image Credit: Michael Ano

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