Zumpfe_Lump Projects_1

Lump Projects engages with acts of moving through locations of virtual and physical space, akin to acts of walking where the body gathers and is generated in a field of material, social relations, and constraints. There are several soft sculptural lumps, a 40-foot corridor that contains a series of photographs, and the light from several video projections fading in and out on the yellow exterior of the corridor and the gallery walls that captures multiple contours of the lump.

The photographs produced for Lump Projects stem from conversations that were sought out and fostered with unknown individuals online, an exercise of exchange and vulnerability between strangers. Conversations engaged with aspects of consent, trust, decision-making, improvisation, and play. Some of these conversations can be visually seen in the photographs. Drawing directly from the content of these conversations, the exhibition space and the performative acts are considered and re-visioned through enacting individualized performative documentary photographs. Each participating individual was sent back an image that was realization of the conversation. Sites of online social interactions were traversed to question how the excessive spatiality of the Internet can become reinscribed back onto material, the body, space, and photographic documentation.


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