2022-23    VOIDWAVE Co-producer with Gina Osterloh, Liz Roberts, and Melissa Vogley Woods

2021       VOIDWAVE, featured sound works on 2 episodes, verge.fm with Fistgig
October 21st Program, Solo Works
November 21st Program, Works in collaboration with Linda Franke

2021       Army (video + poem) in collaboration with Janis Butler Holm, with voice by Bett Butler and Jöel Dilley. published by Ponder Review. Vol. 5, Issue 2, 2021.

2020      Potato Fleet (video + poem) in collaboration with Janis Holm, with voice by Bett Butler and Jöel Dilley. published by Quarterly West, Issue 100, online.

2019      up        fall (heave)
                     or flop side (visions)
                     in We Spoke, edited by Meital Yaniv, published by Sming Sming books

2019     place where, before, In A In: writings, included in the Exhibition Catalogue. published by Torrance Art Museum (available online only the in-print Torrance Art Museum version sadly fell into oblivion)

2019     letters written as a necessity to repel the nothing to my fictional lover my audience my love. published by The Invisible Archive  (letters created for the exhibition outside the length of a room | OR | diving into the blue sun)

2018     Worm Porn: A video and love letter. published by Ladyscumbag

2017     finding it again. published by Haunt Journal of Art, Volume 4

2017     us from up above to down below. unpublished, produced and presented during the experimental project maybe all of us at once at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA)

2016     Things I Never Talk About More.   in dancing is a little too romantic for me published by Golden Spike Press, written in collaboration with Satoe Fukushima

2014     step 12. digital print, part of the project: steps

2013     Working Title: Hints for Colin. forever unpublished artist project. excerpt: 27 of 150pgs


***other questionable writings works always in the works