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เอาว์เว่อ ชาโดว อาร์ ออลเวล ออฟ ออนสกรืน

Kim Zumpfe and Wilawan Wiangthong performed on the same day and time in Bangkok and Los Angeles. Each performer travelled on the metro from an outlying area to the center of the city, where the performance continued in Bangkok at Mochit Bts station and in Los Angeles at Union Station. These performances were live-streamed together on IGTV to examine the relation of social media to the understanding of place, and as a modality that shows the functions, failures, and loss of ability to relate and engage between actual space and digital space. Tensions between fabrics and body were enacted as resistant behaviors in relation to the constructs of the city. Previously owned fabrics gathered from our respective cities are intended as multi-dimensional: a transformation of the body within limiting environments, the pliability of exteriors that occur between overlapped lives within metropolitan cities, an impression of the politics of self-portrayal from the unseen lives that previously wore them, and the respective symbolism of the colors and designs. We travel from outlying areas to centers. We travel from exteriors to interiors. This performance occurred with the backdrop of Democracy protests in Bangkok & with post-election events in Los Angeles.

r shadows r always offf onzcree3n
เอาว์เว่อ ชาโดว อาร์ ออลเวล ออฟ ออนสกรืนs
curated by Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai
created for and supported in part by theMAHA Pavilion, as part of the Bangkok Biennial 2020
Videography: Michael Honeycomb (Bangkok) & Linda Franke (Los Angeles)

The following is documentation of the performance as seen on IG Live

The live performance was shown on IGTV and archived on IG HERE: